poetry for love & the morning


Lick my body

Shine it up

Even out the sheets

You roll over too many times

Feet that move while horizontal, no need to travel far


Alarm sounds, busy to get us to places

Where people only expect you to

Be there, slightly attentive

We put shoes on that don't lace

And stop licking each other

And run to work

And thus roll over in the doldrum of what life isn't, but is

We wear shoes that are easy to get on Instead of staying in bed

Tangled in yellow sheets

Maybe with a bit of moon, worry, fur, patience, ripped and bruised romanticized tendrils that wanted to be that way 

For metaphor

For me

I appreciate the running into passion-town

Thanks for going there

We don't wear shoes there

But with all our gifts and fears and a whisper that we want more, stay in bed, fuck them

The touch of your hand when I walk into the kitchen, always, a sweet memory

Vexed and new to this, we are turning in and out, forever in the bath of love

The sound of my mind as it presents to me

No more words for the day, just textures and deep alluring colors

As I lay into your warm hold

Your smell which is like birch bark and lemons and salt, gets me every time I breathe

Your freckles and how faded they, remind me I was once not there and now I am

Riding over these

Vessels of hope & perspiration

To get close to what feels like a gamble of familiar gifts, and chance of certain impermanence

We mark another season, I'm kicking around the idea of letting go again

But stay with me as I do


Juliet Loranger