poetry for tired hearts

20 swans

floating as we approached the shore

in this instrumental place where 2 people bring a tight rusty feel to the conversation

to explain emotionally that its getting old

who of the 2 has the dose to be patient and resilient

so that tone and repetition can have value elsewhere

the land before the beach was sloppy, its always sloppy and turn around like there

so I tried for a nano second to image us as friends

what is that anyway but consolations and behaving like well rounded adults

what is this frictive, rusty, sloppy, and cheesy love we all crave


wear and tear that goes with it

answers that are provided care of mystery

because hunger has lust and boundaries

firm is my fire

still trying to not see your anger in the flames, but it fits you well

alchemizing text messages to the body to the mind

to the conversations of abstract pain to honoring the final contract

surrender like a greedy teenager, a bit skeptical but mostly unbuttoned

to the swans

that they want more

there was like 50 of them

it was the last time I saw you

Juliet Loranger