• Strong, safe and progressive methods to for all bodies in yoga asanas (postures).

• Revolutionary and evolutionary ideas that relate to the mind, body, and spirit (mojo).

• Effective and interesting yoga classes, workshops, series, and trainings.

• Process oriented experiences with focus on the entry of the posture, the structure of the posture, the vitality of the posture, fluency of breath in the posture, and the exiting of the posture. (i.e. ALIGNMENT BASED HATHA YOGA!)

• Concepts, theory, traditional and historical yoga through mythology and philosophy, all interpreted by me, from years studying with scholars in these fields.

• Level 1/2 (beginners, re-beginners, basics lovers)

• Level 2 (for all of those interested in a full class that is accessible on many levels of learning and peacefulness)

• Level 2/3 (dedicated practitioners, searchers, open-minded folks find the challenges they need here).

•  I teach in respect to the work that yoga requires, the work that is playful and introspective. Good work in health, for all those willing to find some time


Join me to feel, study, process, and laugh.



• • •