My insights/ramblings on modern yoga practice:


There is a lot think about when it comes to yoga in the modern day. And wow, it’s such an old tradition that there is even more than meets the eye when studying and researching the history and the evolution of yoga. Which compels me to internalize the information of tradition and the culture around yoga as it exists today. I ponder how can we as practitioners keep respect for a tradition that’s not fully our own and develop agency for fortuitous change and evolution.

That being said, in this day and age, practicing yoga is exciting and unpredictable yet very routine oriented. That goes to almost all styles of yoga out there. Yoga has been stretched out to the realm of fitness, it is marketed in various ways throughout the world as a go-to fix for numerous problems with either the mind or body. Yoga has reached a world of gimmicky expression and wheeling and dealing campaigns, but yoga as a whole is abundantly, righteously in its own evolutionary process and hundreds of thousands of people are committing to do something for themselves with yoga. That is cool.

Somedays it’s not easy to be in the massive world of yoga as a teacher or a student. From my vantage point I do not always see this as a ‘good’ thing, but it’s a reality. There are a lot of choices. I actively, thoughtfully, creatively choose to offer a sensitive approach rooted in strong opinions and values. Here are some of my thoughts to further expound on this…..

Yoga is a process and it happens to infuse daily life in a way that is potent when we learn about how to, dare I say, “do yoga”. Yoga is relative to the natural state of beings because the process of practicing yoga aids to a conscious integration of all that we are willing to endure and resolve in our lives. By connecting to the process of yoga practice, we can uncover a gain of wisdom by which we derive an awareness of our bodies, our minds, and our intuitive sensibilities. I choose to offer support to students and teachers to create patterns for growth and encourage their connection with themselves to be nurturing as well as contemplative.

Yoga is a process of repetition and investigation. It is a reenactment of ancient and not so ancient traditions. Yoga is taught or passed on as an interpretation of what has been previously comprehended. We can access great teachings through many different and valuable perspectives. The teachings from the old yogic texts are applicable to our lives today and we are in a position to allow for much evolution on the many subjects and to also check for accuracy with our resources. There is no wrong way to learn about the process; there are just repeated attempts at what we know as study and practice. We should be encouraging ourselves to find what feels like a good fit for minds, bodies, and emotional state when it comes to finding a teacher to learn from.  Looking for knowledge and being aware of where it comes from in yoga is inexplicably a delightful core tenet of the process itself! I choose to offer support to students and teachers to question the process and to set the bar high when it comes to the learning parts of this process. I like to be of help with students and with teachers by inspiring them to create ways to access the commitment process. It’s a tall order, the commitment to a yoga practice, so I hope to offer yoga classes, workshops, one on one sessions, and trainings that are educational, thorough, evocative, and rewarding. I also will add that access to commitment often looks and feels a little unruly. I fully support, others and myself, an allowance for letting things unravel a little; making a mess can be a resourceful endeavor. Try and try again, rinse and repeat, (you get the idea).

Yoga is a process that is both immediate and never-ending. As we learn to understand the value of the obvious benefits from yoga we can then further our ability to be patient in order to sustain a long-term or life-long relationship with yoga. The commitment to a sustainable yoga practice lends to a certain clarity and from a place of clarity we can find a very interesting vantage point. This vantage point is one that allows us to see internal and external options, many of them. And although an influx of options is what we go to yoga to get away from, the clarity and vantage point is a benefit of awareness. This awareness is key to how we relate to ourselves and others in the world. I choose to offer support to students and teachers by keeping my practice alive. I can honestly say I am moved to practice everyday, whether on my mat or not, by this expansive array of ways to approach yoga. I find the idea of clarity and using the idea of vantage point very enticing at the moment because while a yoga practice is expansive there are always boundaries to shape our experience. I want others to know of their vantage point, their presence in the studio, because it is reciprocal in many ways, this process of teaching and learning.


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