Private Yoga Sessions

If you are looking to set up a private, for any reason, I am interested in connecting with you to help that happen. It is best to reach me at or 508-858-6786.


I tend to work privately with folks that are trying to re-organize their bodies after healing from an injury or trauma. I am not a physical therapist, but I can work closely with you to aid to the recovery and loving reorganizing of your body that at times is a longer process than expected.

That being said, you can trust me to help develop a yoga practice that’s best and effective for you.


Plain ol’ privates = maybe you don’t like group classes or your schedule is finicky or you really want to develop a better understanding of something.


New Comers = I look forward to privates with folks that are just starting out. It’s how I started yoga, one-on-one. I will work with you to prepare you for group classes.


Mentorships = Amazing way to learn and practice to a very refined and dynamic way. In lieu of studying, writing, time in the studio, and projects! For teachers of yoga this is a great option for more compelling engagement with the work you are already doing. For non-yoga teachers this presents a look into maintaining and sustaining yoga and all its wonder,  making it a bigger resource for your life.


Parties, groups, families, friends, gatherings =  It’s fun to hire a private yoga teacher!


These sessions are in held in the studio. If you’d like me to travel  to you, we can arrange that. There is an extra fee for travel. These sessions are in single sessions or a bundle of  4  or a bundle of 10.

• • •

Prices vary. Scales may  slide.

Please, feel encouraged to connect when you are ready.