"Give yourself the gift of a private yoga session with Juliet. At 68 I have been regularly practicing yoga for 25 years. I have found that many can do a yoga pose but not all have Juliet's impressive understanding of the inner workings of the body and spiritual strength that comes through in her ability to guide one in an uplifting yoga experience both physically and spiritually. I treasure the time she has shared with me and am truly inspired by her in life's journey to become a stronger human being."

- Eileen Wright

• • •

"I started yoga some 10 years ago to improve my posture and there I met Juliet practicing alongside me, she didn’t say much. Soon she appeared as a teacher when one of my teachers took ill. She still didn’t say much, but what she did say invited me into a gentle, fruitful inquiry about how to be better and with amazing economy Juliet shared essential questions, possible answers, and pointed me toward finding my own understanding and answers. She shares everything she knows and is unpretentious and generous. There is not a waterfall of parrot-like chatter when she is teaching. There is a spirit of question and wonder, genuine and authentic.

Today, the practice of yoga is, to me, about getting into a poetic space. A space where the whole is more than the sum of the parts, just as a poem is more than the sum of its words. As I look back and wonder what it is about Juliet that worked so well for me I realize it is her example of inquisitiveness, of treating experience as a metaphor, of really owning a yogic idea physical or cerebral, then exploring its implications and connections.

Practicing with Juliet is an invitation to become a better person."

Saul Krasny

• • •

"Juliet is strong and fierce, considerate and fun, and deeply sensitive and kind. Her artistry and creativity are inspiring. She is always showing students that there is another way, outside the box, to approach any challenge. Her ability to stay present and to recognize the strengths of her students keeps everyone engaged and learning at an optimal level."

-Noah Maze

• • •

"When I leave Juliet's yoga class I feel strong and balanced in body and spirit. Her extensive studies of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga in the past 10 years have evolved her skills and presence as a teacher tremendously. Juliet plans each class purposefully, combining her knowledge of yoga philosophy, breath work, anatomy and asanas. She is genuine, thoughtful, creative. Her cues are precise and deliberate.  Each class is different from the last and she always has a specific intention for her sequence, pose building on pose.  After Juliet's classes I am stronger and calmer, happily ready to face the rest of my day. I am so grateful to Juliet for all the work she has invested to become an exemplary yoga instructor. My days are always better when I start them with her."

Anne Kelly

• • •

"Juliet and Yoga on Union are as real as they come. When taking class at Yoga on Union you will always feel welcomed as you are and learn a ton about the practice of Yoga. The teachers are intelligent and conscious in their words and movement and It’s clear they go deep in their own practice making it an inspiring environment to be around. It’s really the perfect studio for those who are new or experienced in the practice of Yoga and are looking for a down to earth environment to come learn and practice some Yoga. If I could pick them up and move them out to California, I would."

Kayma Englund

• • •