Yoga Teacher Training + Yoga Studies

Yoga Teacher Training + Yoga Studies

from 300.00

200 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training & Yoga Studies | Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga School

You will become a 200 Hr Registered Yoga Teacher upon completion of this training.

Location : Yoga on Union | New Bedford, MA


Facilitators :

Lead, Juliet Loranger

Guest, Sara Davidson Flanders, Bhavagad Gita Philosophy and Meditation sections

Guest, Ryan Cunningham, Restorative Yoga training section

All of the trainers/teachers share in the belief that quality yoga starts with things like accountability, compassion, and a soft sense of humor. They are all 500 Hour ERYT (experienced yoga teachers).


Dates + Times :

Thursdays will be held from 5:45pm - 9:00pm.

Saturdays will be held from 12:00pm - 6:00pm

Sundays will be held from 11:00 - 6:00pm

(There are two Fridays that will run from 5:45pm - 9:00pm in September and October)



January 25, 27, 28

February 15, 17, 18

March 8, 10, 11

March 29, 31, April 1

April 26, 28, 29

May 17, 19, 20

June 7, 9, 10

June 21, 23, 24

July 26, 28, 29

August 16, 18, 19

September 13, 14, 15, 16

October 18, 19, 20, 21

{Make-up dates TBA}


You will learn:

  • · How to improve your own yoga practice
  • · How to teach a yoga pose or two ;))
  • · Actions and alignment in poses and actions and alignment as a teacher
  • · Purpose and use of props/ when and how to modify yoga poses
  • · Observing and understanding bodies
  • · How to effectively sequence a class
  • · Introduction to meditation, restorative yoga and pranayama
  • · Functional anatomy and physiology
  • · History of Yoga & philosophy of yoga


Tuition | Payment Options Available


Pricing Breakdown for Pay in Full

$3,200 after November 15th


Pricing Breakdown for Payment Plan

$500 Deposit

9 Payments of $300 due on the fifth of each month from January to September.

A processing fee of $50 included in the January payment. 

$500 non-refundable deposit for Pay in Full or Payment Plan after November 15th.

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The four core tenets in this training :

• • •

1. Clarity is Key

Clarity is key when there is a lifetime of learning. Yoga is a journey of learning and discovery as it applies to ourselves and to the world. 

Your investment in this training will lead you to grow as a person who is able to: know what you know, feel what you feel, and see clearly as a student and as a teacher. 

Start here with this training if you’d love to learn to teach (or just know more about) alignment based Hatha Yoga.


2. Understanding the Information

This extended process of training and yoga study will build an understanding that can 

develop a relationship to yourself and to others in a magnificent way.  You will create an in-depth understanding about yoga. 

The information in this training is designed to be comprehendible and functional so it can be easily shared with others. 

And at the same time, it is there to connect us to a greater understanding of yoga, one that keeps us thinking critically and reflectively.


3. Capabilities are Honored

There are many ways to practice (and to teach) yoga. The core of this training is that you will be mentored to better know your 

daily practice in a sincere way and to learn how to establish yourself as a teacher from your own experience.

You will discover your capabilities, how to honor them, and begin to see students’ capabilities with clarity and confidence. 


4. Study is Creative + Applicable

This expanded process will be a journey for you to become a discernable, accessible, and confidence leader. 

In this process, the aspects of learning and unlearning will be regarded through creativity, freedom, and invention. 

Of course, this is a decent amount of knowledge and the process will adhere to aspects of study that require reading, writing, teaching, dialogue, journaling, and time management skills. 

Both creative measure and a sincere work ethic are ways you will learn to feel joy in applying what you know and feel as a teacher or student.